QURGHON TEPPA, March 19, Asia-Plus  -- Nourmahamd Hotamov, the head physician of the Qumsangir sanitary-epidemiological station, has been arrested on suspicion of having taken bribe.  

Speaking in an interview with Asia-Plus, Sabzali Odinayev, an official with the Khatlon anticorruption directorate, said that Hotamov was also member of the commission for privatization of dwelling.  “He demanded 1,300 US dollars from local resident Oymoma Yakhshibekova in bribe for assisting her with privatization of her dwelling,” said Odinayev.  “Hotamov was caught red-handed by anticorruption officers when he was taking bribe from Yakhshibekova.”

            Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Hotamov on charges of preparation of crime and bribe taking.