KHOROG, March 20, Asia-Plus  -- The GBAO prosecutor’s office reported on March 20 that it has instituted criminal proceedings against two residents of Khorog – Tolib Ayombekov and Lashkarov, who are charged with assaulting prosecutors in the Roshtqala district on March 14.  

Speaking in an interview with Asia-Plus, the GBAO prosecutor Rashid Gulmadshoyev said that the preliminary investigation had established that on March 14, a group of persons stopped  a car carrying the first deputy GBAO prosecutor Yoraziz Ghulomaliyev, the chief aide to the GBAO prosecutor Fayziddin Nazirov, and prosecutor A. Bulbulshoyev who were returning from the Roshtqala district, where they checked legality of realization of alcohol drinks, tobacco goods and fuel in the district.   

“The assailants beat the prosecutors, seized sub-machine-gun belonging to the prosecutor’s office and mobile phone of Nazirov and took the prosecutors with them back to the Roshtqala administrative center,” said the GBAO prosecutor.  “In the Roshtqala police directorate, they took materials on inspection of the Roshtqala refuel station.” 

We recall that some 300 demonstrated staged a public protest in Khorog on March 17, accusing local prosecutors of extortion and arbitrary enforcement of the law.  The demonstration was organized after two officers from the local prosecutor’s office were reported assaulted after allegedly soliciting bribes from traders in the Roshtqala district.     

In the meantime, the GBAO prosecutor noted that an internal investigation into claims that the mentioned prosecutors allegedly solicited bribes from local traders has been under way.  “If it turns out that they are really guilty, they will be fired and criminal proceedings will be instituted against them,” Gulmadshoyev said, adding that the assailants face charges under Article 249 – robbery with violence.