DUSHANBE, August 22, 2008, Asia-Plus  - Two employees of inspection agencies in the Sughd province have been arrested on suspicion of having extorted money from managers of the inspected enterprise. 

According to head office of the Agency for State Financial Control and Combating Corruption, Davron Ghafourov, an inspector with the branch of Tojikstandart (agency for standardization, certification, metrology and trade inspection) for Sughd, and Khairullojon Dodojonov, a physician with the Sughd center for sanitary-epidemiologic supervision, were caught red-handed at the beginning of this week when they were taking 2,100 somonis from managers of the brickworks in Istaravshan, at which they were inspecting implementation of the country’s law on protection of consumer rights.  

The source at the anticorruption agency said that the inspectors had been detained, following report by the brickworks’ administration that Ghafourov and Dodojonov demand 1,400 somonis and 700 somonis respectively from them.