QURGHON TEPPA, August 29, 2008, Asia-Plus  - A court in the Khatlon province has sentenced head of one of jamoats in Khatlon’s Vakhsh district to five years imprisonment.

The Bokhtar prosecutor Baraktullo Kamolov told Asia-Plus today that the Bokhtar district court has ruled that Sadriddin Shamsiddinov, head of the Oqghaza jamoat in the Vakhsh district, be given a jail term of five and that he should serve it in a minimum-security penal colony.  The sentence followed Shamsiddinov’s conviction on charges of fraud and bribery.  

“Shamsiddinov illegally allotted a number of plots of land to local residents, taking $300 for each land certificate and $1,500 for each plot,” said the prosecutor, “Shamsiddinov was arrested in his office on October 22, 2007, when he was taking a bribe of $1,000.”