Sughd regional court sentenced two residents of the area to f 51 years imprisonment in total for the brutal murder.

The court sentenced a 56-year-old Avaz Kalonov to 26 years in prison and a 28-year-old Hanifa Kumboeva to 25 years in prison.

The judge noted that the condemned have entered into a preliminary agreement and since December 2014 till May 2015 they planned to kill H. Kumboeva’s husband – a 32-year old local resident Dilshod Kushnazarov. According to the condemned, he cheated on her, abused, and she decided to take his life because of jealousy and personal animosity.

"At the beginning of August 2015, when the husband was in the pit, while repairing the car, she called Kalonov and threw the first stone in the pit herself, then they stoned D. Kushnazarov, who died at the scene from the received serious injuries," - said the source.

They moved the body to a deserted place - in the field, and poured him with the gasoline and burned.

In the result of carrying out the operational-search actions the remains of D. Kushnazarov body were found by police only in January 2015.

After the murder the woman gave A. Kalonov 20 thousand somoni, one gold chain and gold ring, worth 2 thousand somoni, for help in the murder.