In Orel region was passed sentence in the case of the mysterious death of five citizens of Tajikistan.

As informs the Investigatory management of Investigatory Committee of Russian Federation, the court issued a guilty verdict against local residents Akhmed Akhmedov and Behruz Saidov, finding them guilty in committing a number of crimes.

Recall that in summer last year in Tula and Moscow regions was discovered lifeless bodies of five citizens of Tajikistan. Three of them were at the bus stop, two were found on the roadside near the forest. The experts found that the cause of death was poisoning by exhaust gases.

The investigation revealed that these people died in Orel region during the laying of an underground tunnel. The victims were Akhmedov’s workers, who were hired for illegal tapping into pipelines to steal diesel fuel.

The tunnel workers used gasoline generator, from the exhaust gases of which they suffocated.

Saidov - working "foreman" and Ahmed decided to get rid of the bodies and took them to other regions by the car.

It is noteworthy that even after the tragedy they have not abandoned the criminal plans. They came back to Orel, completed the work and even managed to steal a bit of diesel fuel.

The court sentenced Saidov to Akhmedov to 2.8 and 2.2 years in prison.