Tajik human rights lawyers Fayzinisso Vohidova intends to file suit against Tajikistan’s border service.

In her interview with Asia-Plus, Ms. Vohidova said that she was going to depart for Kyrgyzstan on May 14 to attend funeral of her nephew.

“I was held at Ovchi-Qalacha border crossing point for eight hours – from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm,” said Vohidova.  “Tajik border guards said that there are problems with my passport.  It is allegedly defective – the stamp is not visible well.  I have a new passport.  I received it from the Interior Ministry last year and the stamp is visible very well.” 

Ms. Vohidova considers that the problem with the passport is just a pretext.  “They just do not want to let me out of Tajikistan,” the lawyer said.  

“I am going to file lawsuit against the border service in a court,” Vohidova added.