The 33-year-old resident of the Kushoniyon (formerly Bokhtar) district of the Khatlon province, Sultonbek Shodmonov, has got lengthy jail term for fighting alongside Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria. 

The Khatlon regional court has sentenced Sultonbek Shodmonov to 17 years in prison, according to the Prosecutor-General’s Office.  

The preliminary investigation have established that Shodmonov got in touch with representatives of IS terror group through social networking sites in 2009 while he was working as labor migrant in the Russian city of Kazan.

In May 2014, he reportedly traveled to Syria via Turkey and was fighting alongside IS militants against the Syrian government forces.  

Shodmonov was declared internationally wanted, and after the detention he was sentenced to 17 years in jail, says the press center of the Prosecutor-General’s Office.