Resident of Dushanbe has got a lengthy jail term for killing her husband for the purpose of grabbing apartments belonging to him.

According to the press center of the Prosecutor-General’s Office, Bunyoda Bouriyeva killed he husband Elmurod Begaliyev in September 2016 for the purpose of grabbing two apartments belonging to him.

In order to conceal the crime, the woman reportedly stashed his body beneath the floorboards of their home. 

She then forged documents and sold the apartments with help of Dushanbe resident O. Egamov, the press center says.

The body of Elmurod Begaliyev was reportedly discovered in August 2018 and Bunyoda Bouriyeva was arrested on suspicion of killing him.              

The Dushanbe city court has sentenced Bunyoda Bouriyeva to twenty-three years in prison and O. Egamov has got a jail term of two years.