Tajik national R. Haidarov has got a lengthy jail term for a large-scale fraud and illegal transaction in foreign currency.

A court in Dushanbe’s Sino district has sentenced R. Haidarov to 13 years in prison.  The sentence has followed his conviction on charges of a large-scale fraud (Article 247 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code) and illegal transaction in foreign currency (Article 286 of Tajikistan’s Penal Colony).

According to the press center of the Prosecutor-General’s Office, Haidarov, who was director of Ajam-Avia Ltd in the Tajik northern city of Buston, gaining trust of senior representatives of Iran’s Taban Air received 1,003,750 U.S. dollars from them for supplying an engine for Boeing 757-200 aircraft to the Iranian airline.  However, he has not done that.  

By his actions, Haidarov has reportedly also caused serious financial damage to the Tajik Company Nakhoustlizing (First Leasing).  

987,500 U.S. dollars have been exacted from Haidarov in favor of Taban Air.  Haidorv’s BMW costing 16,000 U.S. dollars has also been confiscated in favor of the Iranian airline, the press center of the Prosecutor-General’ Office said.