103 parents have been punished over the first six months of this year for children’s truancy and marrying off their underage daughters, an official source at the Prosecutor-General’s Office told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

Tajikistan’s Penal Code stipulates that preventing children from attending is punishable school by up to two years in prison.

Article 168 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code stipulates that marring off underage girls is punishable by up to two years in correctional labor or by six months in prison.  

Besides, 2,230 parents have been held administratively liable for failure to observe norms of the country’s law on parental responsibility.  

They have been fined 165.00 somoni each for failing to control their children's attendance at school.  

The Constitution obliges parents to enable their children to attend school and that all children between the ages of seven and 16 must do so.

Over the same six-month period, 299 citizens of Tajikistan have been fined for violating the law on traditions and rituals  

Recall, Tajikistan’s 2007 Law on Observing National Traditions and Rituals regulates private celebrations, allegedly to protect the public from spending excessive amounts of money.  This law restricts the manner in which individuals can conduct private celebrations, including those with religious significance, such as weddings, funerals, gatherings after the return of a pilgrim from the hajj, and the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.  National minorities specifically are exempted from restrictions in celebrating their national events.

Officials monitor weddings and funerals for compliance with the law on traditions and rituals and violation of the law is liable to fine.