The head physician was fined 18 thousand somoni for fraud, and, in addition, lost his job.

Yunusjon Raupov, the head physician of the inter-district Orphanage of the city of Istaravshan, offered his assistance in the adoption of a newborn girl to Nilufar Fayzulloeva, who stood in line for adoption.

For his services, the doctor asked the woman 3 thousand somoni, the press center of the Prosecutor General of Tajikistan reports.

After some time, he demanded another 10 thousand somoni from Fayzulloeva so that she could adopt a boy, not a girl.

He was detained while receiving 5 thousand somoni.  The local prosecutor opened a criminal case against him under the article “fraud” of the Criminal Code of Tajikistan.

By a court decision Raupov fined in the sum of 18 thousand 250 somoni