Six Khoji from Dushanbe and neighboring areas of the capital who recently returned from Saudi Arabia will be held administratively liable, said the press secretary of the Committee on Religion of the Republic Afshin Mukim.

According to him, as a result of special raids, the Committee’s employees revealed that they violated article 12 of the republic’s law “On streamlining traditions, celebrations and ceremonies,” which strictly prohibits the organization of “Khojtalbon” and “Khojioshi” events (pilgrimage treats).

 «Protocols on violations of the law are sent to the courts and we are waiting for their decision», - noted Mukim.

The spokesman recalled that the Committee’s representatives had conversations with them in Mecca and Medina before the pilgrims returned to the republic and clarified the rule of law, according to which the events for seeing off and meeting pilgrims are held only in the family circle.

The law prohibits the organization of «Hojitalbon» and «Khojioshi» events. Distribution by pilgrims of sacred water "Zam-zam" and dried dates is not prohibited.