The prosecution, the defense, and the injured party were not satisfied with the previous verdict.

The Dushanbe city court did not agree with the arguments of the lawyer of Kabir Kabirov that the trial court had adopted a too severe sentence against him, said deputy chairman of the court of the city of Dushanbe, Asomiddin Bobokhonzoda.

According to him, the case against the 19-year-old son of the director of the Sultoni Kabir market, Kabir Kabirov, was sent for a new trial to the court of first instance - Ismoili Somoni district court.

«We rejected the request of the lawyer of Kabir Kabirov that the court of first instance took too severe a punishment against his client, - said Bobokhonzoda. At the same time, we agree with the arguments of the injured party, which considers that the sentence is too lenient».

The participants of the trial were dissatisfied with the verdict of the Ismolili Somoni district court - the prosecution and the injured party, who consider the sentence to be mild, and the defense, which, on the contrary, considers the sentence to be harsh.

«All parties filed appeals. On August 28, the Dushanbe city court, having examined these complaints, sent the case back for new consideration, but refused to cancel the sentence of the trial court. Parents of those killed in an accident that occurred in the fault of Kabirov, demand a more severe punishment», - stressed the judge.

When asked whether a toughening of the sentence is possible, he replied: “It is quite possible”.