More than 450 cases of concealment of crimes by law enforcement agencies have reportedly been revealed in the northern Sughd province.  

Presided over by Sughd prosecutor Habibullo Vohidov, a meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Law Enforcement Agencies of Sughd Province took place in Khujand on September 20.  

The meeting mainly focused on problems of observance of criminal and criminal procedure legislation in the province, including the issues related to the reasonable termination of criminal cases, suspension of a criminal case or deviation from a criminal case by law enforcement officers during 2018 and the first eight months of this year.   

Speaking at the meeting, the Sughd chief prosecutor, in particular, noted that 32,700 applications and reports about commission of crimes have been considered over the report period.

“5,315 criminal proceedings have been instituted and almost 14,000 cases have finished with refusal to initiate preparatory proceedings, while other applications have been sent to other agencies and institutions,” Vohidov said.  

Over the first six months of this year, 22 preliminary proceedings have reportedly been registered in Sughd; out of them have culminated in a trial, 14 other cases have been dropped and 6 cases have finished with refusal to initiate preparatory proceedings.   

Prosecution authorities have annulled 339 decisions by investigators of police stations, 172 decisions by prosecutors, 14 decisions by investigators of security and anticorruption agencies, and 12 decisions of bodies conducting initial inquiries on termination of criminal cases.  

“During 2018 and the first eight months of this year, the Sughd law enforcement authorities have instituted 8,663 criminal proceedings; 5,843 of them have been considered, 5,460 criminal proceedings have moved to courts and 341 criminal proceedings have been terminated,” Sughd chief prosecutor said.