The Interior Ministry promises to find persons who were sowing panic over the coronavirus outbreak in the county in early March. 

Social network user Jamshed Abdulloyev has applied to the Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda through Facebook asking to find and bring to justice merchants, involved in supplying wheat flour and vegetable oil to the country, who sowed panic over the coronavirus outbreak in the country in early March this year.  

The Interior Ministry, for its part, notes that rumors about outbreak of coronavirus in Tajikistan are absolutely baseless, and it is reportedly taking measures to identify persons  who spread those rumors.  

Recall, many staple items such as flour, oil and sugar are reportedly in short supply or totally sold-out at bazaars and stores in Dushanbe, as people stock up.  According to some sources, a 50-kilogram sack of flour used to cost around 220 somoni was selling in the Tajik capital last week for 380 somoni.

A resident of the southern city of Kulob told Eurasianet that riot police were on guard at the bazaar there and stopping shoppers from buying more than two sacks of flour at a time.