All confiscated drugs were transferred to hospitals in the city of Dushanbe.

In one day in Dushanbe, five cases of artificially increasing prices for medicines, sales of expired medicines were revealed, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the city of Dushanbe reports.

One of the detainees arranged a sale right in the cabin of his own car.

«On suspicion of selling medical supplies at inflated prices on a Lexus car (license plate number - 8787RX01), 27-year-old resident of Dushanbe Yodgor Boyboboev was detained. During a search of his apartment in the Rudaki area, more than 100.5 thousand gloves were confiscated. The packaging of such gloves costs approximately 45 somoni, and he sold at 180 somoni. The price of medical masks that cost 2 somoni, he increased to 10 somoni», - the press service reports.

59 medical glasses, 10 thousand empty boxes for medical gloves, 50 boxes for shoe covers were also seized.

«The investigation showed that the detainee without the appropriate education and license was engaged in the production, storage and sale of medical supplies in unsanitary conditions. It should also be noted that the detained Boyboboyev quickly acquired two expensive foreign cars “Lexus RX-350»,- the press service notes. 

During the operation, the Dushanbe police also detained Fayzullo Aliev, who unreasonably raised the cost of drugs four or five times.

«Concerning the detained offenders, materials have been prepared for initiating a criminal case. All confiscated drugs and medicines were transferred to the hospitals of the capital through the Dushanbe Health Department. Operation "Pharmacy" to identify and punish persons artificially inflating the prices of medicines continues», - the press service of the metropolitan police notes».

At the same time, the metropolitan police urges pharmacists and entrepreneurs not to use a difficult moment, especially in the holy month of Ramadan.