Tajik Prosecutor General's Office warns that those who sow panic in the country will be punished, the press center of the Prosecutor General of the country reports.

The report notes that citizens of the republic can contact them on the dissemination of false rumors and speculation about the state of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Tajikistan.

«In relation to those who sow panic in the country, measures will be taken as provided by the laws of Tajikistan», - noted in the message.

The Prosecutor General’s Office says that rumors about the increase in deaths from CОVID-19, rising prices in the country's markets, the insufficiency of essential goods in the country and the closure of roads with the regions of the republic are unfounded.

They also offer citizens to contact them on issues of not issuing medicines from the country's medical institutions and overpricing of medications from pharmacies, as well as in the case of refusal of doctors to provide them with assistance.

Citizens can express all their complaints on the helpline 235-11-11, which works around the clock, the Prosecutor General emphasizes.