A soldier of one of military units of the Special Property Supply Agency under the Government of Tajikistan has swallowed 17 pebbles so that doctors would find him unfit for military service.  Now, he will serve his two-year jail term in penal colony instead of serving in the army.  

Private soldiers Otabek Ibrohimov has swallowed 17 pebbles in order to get exemption from military service, the press center of the Dushanbe military court says.  

Ibrohimov was reportedly drafted for military service last November, but a month later the draftee, unable to bear the hardships of military service, swallowed seven pebbles and was taken to the surgery department of the Defense Ministry central hospital.

A week later, Ibrohimov reportedly swallowed ten more pebbles in the hospital. 

He was found guilty of evading military service duties by self-mutilation committed repeatedly (Article 376 (2) of Tajikistan’s Penal Code).

The Dushanbe military court has sentenced Otabek Ibrohimov to two years in prison.