He was found guilty by the court for non-payment of alimony in the amount of 3 thousand 100 somoni.

The Somoni capital district court sentenced 30-year-old Dushanbe resident Mehrojiddin Abdulmumin to 120 hours of compulsory labor for maliciously avoiding maintain his daughter.

He will serve his sentence daily for 4 hours in the area specified by the bailiffs, reported in court.

«Back in September 2016, the court ordered him to pay monthly alimony in the amount of 150 somoni and benefits in the amount of 50 somoni to his daughter, born in 2016. But Abdulmumin deliberately did not comply with the court's decision,” a source said.

In addition to compulsory work, he will also pay alimony and benefit debts under the supervision of bailiffs, noted in court.