Bibikalon Nazirova, mother-in-law of Manorai Abdufattokh, whose body was found last June in Faizabad district with 26 stab wounds, was taken into custody on suspicion of driving her daughter-in-law to suicide. This was reported to Asia-Plus by Abdufattokh Misokov, the father of Manora.

According to him, the mother-in-law of his deceased daughter was arrested last Saturday (September 3), and today, September 6, the court extended her stay in the temporary detention center for 2 months.

Manora's relatives have repeatedly appealed to the authorities with a request to punish the relatives of Manora's husband. They claimed that their daughter did not commit suicide and could not have stabbed herself 26 times.

Meanwhile, the Prosecutor General's Office of Tajikistan said that a preliminary investigation into the death of 25-year-old resident of Faizabad, Manora Abdufattokh, showed that she had committed suicide.

Relatives of the woman do not believe in her suicide and say that most likely she was killed.

Manorai Abdufattoh is survived by three small children. During the tragic incident, Manora's husband was working in Russia. The family of the husband of the deceased refuses to communicate with journalists. The prosecutor's office of Fayzabad district did not give any comments on this case.