The heads of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan and Russia, Ramazon Hamro Rahimzoda and Vladimir Kolokoltsev, at a meeting in Moscow on August 28, announced the results of a special operation to capture and detain two suspects in the murder of the deputy head of “Orienbank”, Shukhrat Ismatulloev, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reports.

"This was the result of active cooperation between the law enforcement agencies of the two countries aimed at combating organized crime and ensuring security." – it is noted in the message.

At the meeting, the Interior Minister discussed the details of joint actions that led to a successful operation. Two suspects in the murder of the deputy head of the Bank of Tajikistan were detained as a result of operational measures that remained confidential in the name of the success of the operation, the Russian Interior Ministry notes.

At the same time, the agency does not disclose the names of the detainees, as well as details of the place and method of their detention by operational forces.

The heads of the ministries also expressed satisfaction with the results of operation "Search", within the framework of which the criminal activities of an ethnic criminal group engaged in extortion and fraud in the Moscow region were suppressed.

Vladimir Kolokoltsev noted that the Russian Interior Ministry is open for constructive dialogue and is ready to implement the agreements.

The Minister called on the Tajik partners to carry out all necessary measures to establish the location and extradition of criminals located on the territory of Tajikistan, according to the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

The parties expressed confidence that the agenda of the talks will allow expanding cooperation in the law enforcement sphere between the two states, especially in countering transnational organized crime, in the field of migration and in other areas of operational and official activities.