DUSHANBE, February 9, 2011, Asia-Plus  -- The Islamic Revival Party (IRP) political council (shuroi siyosi) yesterday afternoon released a statement over an attack on Hikmatullo Sayfullozoda, member of the IRP political council and editor-in-chief of the party newspaper, Najot .

The IRP political council condemned the attack and noted that it was an attempt on Sayfullozoda’s life.

The statement, in particular, says the assault on Sayfullozoda is a continuation of pressure that has been made on the IRP by certain circles recently for the purpose of intimidating it and its supporters.

“After achievement of peace and accord, an atmosphere of mutual understanding and sound political dialogue that promoted, to a certain extent, socioeconomic development of the country and rise in prestige of the country on international arena reigned in Tajikistan for some time, but false rumors that have been circulated in society recently and deviation from principles of peace and accord have evoked serious concern of experts and society itself,” the statement says.

The IRP political council notes that principles of democracy, freedom of speech and conscience and pluralism have weakened in the country in recent years, while manifestations of authoritarianism and non-observance of religious and political rights of citizens have intensified.

“The authorities have chosen the way of confrontation instead of the way of dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding and this may lead to ailing atmosphere in society itself.”

The IRP has expressed dissatisfaction with deviation from principles of national dialogue and one-sided appraisal of achievement of peace and accord in the country before as well.  “After the 2011 parliamentary elections relations of the authorities with political parties have entirely got out of line of sensible political pluralism.”

In its statement, the IRP political council officially asks to find demands assailants and those who masterminded that crime.

The Islamic Revival Party also calls on the authorities, political parties, media, NGOs and all citizens of Tajikistan to assist with revival of culture of polemics and mutual understanding in the country.