After almost ten years of political and ethnic turmoil, Tadjikistan has definitively turned toward peace, democracy and security. Obviously, the Tadjik State presents now firm trends for a real and fast development in all the sectors of the economy. The picture that the state can display nowadays is completely different from the former one presented some years ago. The effects of the huge programme of development recently launched to put the country on the way to the progress are obvious.  Amongst the many signs of transformation that can be easily observed everywhere in the country, it’s noteworthy to point out the situation of the capital Dushanbe.

The city is now leaping forward to be a modern urban center with modern hotels, restaurants, well supplied urban transports, specialized department stores. All these features offer all the equipements and facilities  that a Citizen could expect to find. At the same time, everywhere in the country high-voltage lines and a modern network of roads are developed to come into service for the population. Government provides continuously a beter way of life to the people even those living in former isolated villages. With the conjuction of many development programmes the country will be able to prepare in a very next future a dynamic of growth for its touristic industry. With the growth of Economy Tadjikistan has now enough funds to start the restoration of many of its historical monuments.

Visitors can be astonished by the increasing efforts to carry out a modern Industry and a productive Agriculture.  Both are now performed by private initiatives developed by the citizens themselves. It’s the most important sign of a real boost given to the new free enterprise economy of Tadjikistan.

But most important, this economic development is accompanied by a continuous strenghtening of the Democracy. The President of the Republic and his Government has fortunately choosen to stimulate a stable politic of freedom and to streghten the expansion of the free enterprise. The aim is to increase partnership with a large number of different citizens associations and to allow everybody to live according his own choices. The islamic religion is treated with great respect but never the faith is considered to be placed up the laws of the citizenship. All these progresses contribute to make a visit in this country very nice and pleasant. Tadjikistan may be already very proud of its performance. It’s a great success to have brought the country up to the level of a real democratic nation of paceful and hard-working citizens.

The next september 9th, Tadjikistan celebrate its 20 years of Independance. People of the World have to remind how long and how hard was for the Tadjik population the way until this great day. Fortunately, this date is not only the end of a period but the start of a new one. An new erea of full development for Tadjikistan and for the people of this country is coming. It’s worthy to note that Tadjikistan is now obviously and fortunately largely open to the World. Many contacts and cooperation programmes are in progress in a great number of different fields, from highly specialized scientific cooperation to economical echanges.  Of course Europe will agree with honour to work together with Tadjikistan on the ways of cooperation. Contacts and meetings with officials are already planned and will be organized in a very next future. The first point for the investors  will be to define exactly the needs of the Country.

Fortunately, the first projects of collaboration are in progress. They concern scientific collaborations programmes between the Academic Authorities of the National University and those from European universities.  First of all will be cultural matters. Tadjikistan has many cultural sites to promote and to protect. It’s absolutely necessary to encourage the efforts in the protection of the national and historical Heritage. Of course, works this huge task will  take many years step by step.  Working together in a friendly and sincere partnership will be a great Success for the Peace and for the World Culture.

Indeed, the Tadjiks show how brave and friendly they are. With courage Tadjikistan has the firm intention to built a new pacefull society. The great Friendschip Day of June whose aim is to testify the everlasting friendship between all the people of the Tadjikistan, is of great importance. Bearing in mind the sorrily events of the ninties, this celebration shows the great ties that really bond and have always bonded together the Tadjiks during their History. Europe could not be impervious to this situation for which Tadjiks can be proud. However, European people have to know beter about the country, the culture and the history of Tadjikistan.

Now it’s very  important for Tadjikistan to be on the way of the modernization, for example of its industry and its agriculture. With the opening to the World and especially the contact with the European Community, there are many great oportunities for Tadjikistan to decide on its own choices of development.

May the Future be as prosperous as the Tadjik people hope. For sure, it could be knowing the courage and the quality of our dearest Tadjik friends.

Prof.Dr. Alexandre TOUROVETS

Professor of University of Louvain(Belgium)

Doctor of History, Oriental Studies,
Culture and Archaeology
(At the end of May this year paid a working 

visit  to Tajikistan)