The Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan says that the number of party members still growing even despite significant pressure on the party. Thus, in March this year 300 more members joined the party.

65% of the newly joined members are young people, Headquarter of the party told the AP. In the first two months this year from 120 up to 160 new members have joined the party. According to the political party’s HQ, currently the party has 41.000 members.

Furthermore, the party said that 30 people have withdrawn from the party in March this year. The party’s senior officials say that people leave the party due to the pressure they face or for other benefits they are being promised. This issue was discussed at the party’s session held on April 9. Speaking at the session, deputy chairman of the IRPT, deputy of the Tajik Parliament Saidumar Husaini told that people drop out of the party for two main reasons.

“Firstly, when IRPT members are promised benefits for leaving the party and, secondly, under pressure or because of being threatened. In recent months the second variant is used more frequently. Our regional organizations report that members of our party are being threatened and deceived or are promised to get land if they drop out of the party,” S.Huseini has said.

He added that the fact that more and more people join the party shows weakness of the authorities. He said that the ruling People’s and Democratic party has quite favorable conditions to work in but failed to provide normal living conditions for the population.

“If the population was provided with electricity, if people were provided with clear drinking water since some regions face acute lack of water, and if we had natural gas…but we don’t. Roads are in extremely poor condition, we have a mass labor migration and other problems. That’s why people set their hopes on IRPT,” Huseini said.