The Islamic Renaissance party of Tajikistan decided to appeal against the decision by Tajik Prosecutor General’s Office to audit the activity of all political parties of the country.

In his interview to AP Deputy Chairman of IRPT Mahmadali Hait said on Monday, May 7, the party filed an appeal against the Prosecutor General’s Office’s decision to the Sino regional court.

IRPT’s official said that on January 6 this year Prosecutor General’s Office made decision to audit the activity of all political parties of the country. “From January to March they carried out careful audit in all regional branches of the party and in the central office but never provided us with the results of the audit,” Hait has said.

He believes that such inspections followed shortly after the publication of the Government’s 32-20 secret protocol which appeared on Polyarnaya Zvezda’a website in the article called “Tajikistan on the eve of revolution.”

The party’s lawyer Shuhrat Kudratov believes that the appeal has reasonable grounds since auditing of the activity of political parties is beyond the Prosecutor General’s Office’s competence.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office was empowered to carry out an audit having 27 concrete tasks. These tasks go beyond the Prosecutor’s Office’s competence,” Kudratov said.