People’s Front of Tajikistan is planned to be restored. This time the movement will be renamed to “People’s Front Without Weapon”.

One of the initiators said that people of Tajikistan have quite negative memories of the People’s Front. “Without Weapon” phrase will help the movement regain people’s confidence.

Former head of the People’s Front’s Medical Unit Kuvvatali Murodov told AP that the move seeks “to unite former commanders from both confronting sides, involve them to resolution of socio-economic problems and political processes in the country.”

Murodov said he is ready to face difficulties during registration procedures within Tajik Justice Ministry and claimed he is prepared for possible pressure.

He said “the time has changed and there is no need to use firearms but living conditions remain the same as corruption level is growing and we have to deal with that using peaceful means.” This is one of the main goals of the restored People’s Front.

Murodov said initiators are planning to attract all people who wish to join the movement. He also added that “the front will support all existing political parties and movements, but will identify its future directions later and will also prioritize the forthcoming presidential elections.” He said the front will probably support Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon who was brought to power by the People’s Front in 1992.

Murodov said that People’s front has managed to restore the constitutional order in Tajikistan but nobody respects its participants.

Thousands of people have died moving this way. Nowadays those in power have villas and cars while those who brought them to power serve their sentences in prison or live as labor migrants or become disabled and nobody cares of them, Murodov has said.

People’s Front of Tajikistan was established in October 1992 and was closed in 1993.

Supported by the People’s Front Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon was elected President in 1992. Later tens of followers of the front were sentenced to prison for different crimes.