In the course of today’s session deputies of the Lower Chamber of Tajikistan’s Parliament have approved amendments to the law “On status of foreign citizens in Tajikistan”. The amendments were offered by the President and were approved unanimously without additional discussions.

According to the newly approved amendments, Tajikistan can unilaterally abolish visa regime for citizens of several countries.

When presenting the amendments to the chamber First Deputy Foreign Minister Mahmudjon Sobirov said that several countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Egypt have unilaterally abolished visa regime for citizens of Tajikistan.

“The Government of Tajikistan is planning to abolish visa regime for citizens of the United States, European Union and some other countries of South-East Asia, coming to Tajikistan for a one-month period” he said.

According to M.Sobirov, unilateral abolition of visa regime will contribute to attraction of foreign investments to the national economy, tourism  and democracy development.