Tajikistan President’s press services summarized the results of the Tajik President’s official visit to China which lasted from June 1 to June 5 and his participation in the summit of heads of SCO member states in Beijing (June 6-7).

As reported by the Tajik President’s press service, China will allocate nearly $1bln to Tajikistan in the form of grants, technical assistance and credits on preferential terms.

“According to new agreements with our Chinese partners, construction of a new heat station in Dushanbe will be completed within one year period. The first line of Shahrituz cement producing factory will become operational in one year. The factory will be erected by TALCO and Chinese national construction materials manufacturing company.”

More than $600mln will be allocated for the construction of cement producing factory in Shahrituz region. The factory will be able to produce 3mln tons of cement per year. More than 5000 citizens of the republic will get jobs.