DUSHANBE, December 30, 2015, Asia-Plus – Tajikistan has expressed concern about Iran’s decision to invite Muhiddin Kabiri, the leader of the banned Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), to attend the an international conference in Tehran.

On Tuesday December 29, Tajikistan summoned Iranian Ambassador to Tajikistan Hojjatollah Faghani to express “regret” over Iran''s decision to invite the leader of the banned IRPT to attend the International Islamic Unity Conference that took place in Tehran on December 27-29.

Tajikistan''s MFA said in a statement on December 29 that it was “greatly concerned” that “the head of the extremist and terrorist former IRPT, Muhiddin Kabiri, who faces charges of attempting to overthrow the government … has been invited to the conference.”

“Tajikistan’s MFA considers such actions of organizers of this conference to be unacceptable and categorically states that such an attitude to enemies of the state and the people of Tajikistan can negatively affected good relations between Tajikistan and Iran,” the Tajik MFA statement said.

We will recall that the Committee on Religious Affairs (CRA) under the Government of Tajikistan on December 27 also expressed deep concern over Iran’s decision to invite Muhiddin Kabiri to the conference.

“Participation of the leader of the terrorist Islamic Revival Party has caused concern of the Committee on Religious Affairs.  The Islamic Revival Party was declared to be an illegal terrorist group.  Knowing this, why did the Iranian side invite the leader of this party, who is currently internationally wanted at the request of Tajikistan, to its conference?” the CRA statement noted.  

Sulaymon Davlatzoda, the head of the CRA, Fayzullo Barotzoda, the director of the Center for Islamic Studies, and Tajik grand mufti Saidmukarram Abduqodirzoda represented Tajikistan at the conference and Muhiddin Kabiri was seated next to members of the official delegation from Tajikistan.

Muhiddin Kabiri remains in a self-imposed exile outside Tajikistan.

Meanwhile, over 300 Muslim figures and scholars from 70 countries participated in the 29th edition of the International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran.  The theme of this year’s conference was “Muslim World’s Current Crises.”  There were 12 specialized sections discussing different themes including Muslim world’s conditions today, resistance movement scholars, women and family, youths, academics, sciences and technology, etc.