Tajikistan denies report about sending weapons for the anti-Taliban army in Panjshir as absolutely baseless.  

A statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan denies reports in Afghan media outlets on the smuggling of weapons and ammunition out of Tajikistan into Afghanistan’s Panjshir province as unfounded.  

“These reports are fake and baseless,” Tajik MFA says in its statement.  

Sputnik Tajikistan says the Resistance Front led by Ahmad Massoud has also denied the supply of weapons and ammunition to Panjshir from Tajikistan as unfounded.

“There is no an “aerial bridge” between Tajikistan and Panjshir,” a representative of the Resistance Front was quoted as saying.  

Meanwhile, some Afghan media outlets, including Tolo, Ettelaat-e Rouz as well as Sputnik Afghanistan, reported yesterday morning that the first helicopters of the resistance Front delivered weapons and ammunition from Tajikistan to Panjshir.  

Republic World also reported yesterday that in a massive show of support for the Afghanistan Resistance rising against the Taliban, the Northern Alliance received military equipment, weapons, and other supplies from Tajikistan on Monday morning.

Citing Afghan media reports, Republic World, says  the early on August 23, the resistance forces received first support from Tajikistan as helicopters imported military equipment, guns, full ammunition, and food supplies for Massoud's army.  Pictures have reportedly emerged from Afghanistan showing Tajikistan choppers dropping arms in Panjshir.  The Northern Alliance has been trying to import equipment, guns, and ammunition to fight back the Taliban, according to Republic World