Protestants have plaques with slogans: "Death to the Taliban", "Death to Pakistan", "Freedom to Afghanistan", "Support Panjshir".

About 200 Afghan citizens living in Tajikistan gathered at the Afghan Embassy in Dushanbe. In the hands of the participants - flags, slogans, photographs of Ahmad Shah Massoud and Ahmad Massoud.

According to the correspondent of Asia-Plus from the embassy, there are mainly women among the participants in the peaceful rally. On the tablets in their hands there are such inscriptions: “To work is our right, to study is our right, we are fighting for our right!», «A woman is a mother, a woman is a sister!», « Death to Pakistan », « Support Panjshir ».


Right now, the participants, mostly children, are shouting slogans: "Long live Afghanistan", "Long live the National Resistance Front", "We support Ahmad Massoud", "Death to the Taliban", "Death to Pakistan", "Pakistan, get out of Afghanistan", "We want social justice", "We want peace", "Death to supporters of terrorism", etc.

" I am very glad that you came and spoke about your feelings about Afghanistan. Our voice shows our compassion for Afghanistan. Until the rights of women are respected in Afghanistan, we will not rest. We want freedom. Long live Afghanistan! Long live Ahmad Masood! Long live the Front of Resistance! Long live the National Hero of Afghanistan! We protect our tricolor flag!", - said during the rally the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the Republic of Tajikistan Muhammad Zohir Agbar.