The Ministry of Transport of Tajikistan denies publications regarding an appeal to the transport department of neighboring Kyrgyzstan with a request to open the border between the two countries.

«Tajikistan is ready to ensure the unimpeded movement of vehicles between the two countries», - emphasized in the Tajik Ministry of Transport.

However, the ministry noted that there were no written appeals to the Kyrgyz side in this regard and such publications have no justification.

Meanwhile, the Kyrgyz media, publishing such messages under the headings "Tajikistan has sent a letter to Kyrgyzstan with a request to open the borders", put their following one-sided categorical conclusions at the end:

«Kyrgyzstan closed its border with Tajikistan after an armed attack in the Batken region. In those clashes, 189 Kyrgyzstanis suffered, 36 people died, including children. More than 170 houses and social facilities were burned».