Tajikistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) denies report about 243 Tajik nationals arriving in Belarus from the Russian Federation as absolutely baseless.

The Tajik Embassy in Minsk reportedly got in touch with relevant agencies of Belarus and they said that that information does not correspond to the facts, according to the Tajik MFA information department.

This is about Tajik refugees who supposedly had to enter the city of Grodno, which is 15 kilometers from the border of Belarus with Poland and 30 kilometers from the border of Belarus with Lithuania, on December 18. 

Belarusian opposition Telegram-channel Nexta published a copy of what according to it was an official letter of the head of Belarus Railways to Grodno mayor, according to which, 243 Tajik refugees would arrive in Grodno from Russia on December 18. 

In order to avoid a humanitarian crisis after the arrival of the train, Belarus Railways proposes to provide them with food and overalls in the territory of the Grodno railway station, according to Nexta.  

The Tajik MFA information department says that according to Belarusian transport officials, Belarus Railways did not sent such a letter to Grodno mayor’s office.