The newly appointed Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Tajikistan, Mr. Lenny Montiel, presented a copy of his credentials to the Tajik Foreign Minister, Mr. Sirojiddin Muhriddin.

According to the Tajik MFA information department, the parties discussed issues related to cooperation between Tajikistan and the United Nations agencies active in the country.

They reportedly paid attention to the implementation of projects in accordance with the needs of Tajikistan as well as the prospects of further expansion of cooperation within the framework of the National Development Strategy of the Republic of Tajikistan for the period up to 2030.

Mr. Muhriddin expressed satisfaction with the level of joint cooperation and wished Mr. Montiel success in promoting activities in the field of socio-economic development, as well as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the Tajik FMA information department said.

UNDP's Country Office in Tajikistan, active since 1994, plays a crucial role in supporting the country’s national development strategy for poverty alleviation.  The organization is guided in its work by the Country Programme Document, which in turn builds upon the Sustainable Development Goals.  UNDP has made a significant contribution to developing the National Development Strategy with an outline of policies and investments necessary to reach the SDGs on time by 2030.

The priorities of UNDP mission in Tajikistan are addressed through numerous projects implemented in partnership with national counterparts, key donors, UN agencies and other international organizations. Its main location is in Dushanbe, with area offices based in five: Shahritous; Kulob; Ayni; Gharm; and Kujand.  

UNDP’s ultimate goal in the country is to improve the living standards of the people, particularly the poorest and most vulnerable, and to ensure a future that offers equality, dignity and opportunity for all.