The Russian Foreign Minister has accused the United States of actively supporting the terrorist groups in Afghanistan.  He stated this on June 5 during a visit to the Russian military base’s headquarters in Dushanbe

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s press center citied him as saying that after the withdrawal of the US and allied forces from Afghanistan the situation there remains difficult.  

“In 20 years they have done nothing for the development of the country and it under the threat of terrorism and drug trafficking, which is spreading around the world,” Lavrov said.  

Lavrov reportedly called "false" the recent statement of the US Ambassador to Tajikistan Manuel Mikaller about Washington's desire to achieve a peaceful national dialogue in Afghanistan. 

Actually, the United States actively supports terrorist organizations such as ISIS an Al-Qaeda in order to continue destabilization in Afghanistan,” he noted.  

The United States’ desire to return its return its military infrastructure to the neighboring countries is not accidental.  America is deliberately muddying the waters in order to be able to return to Afghanistan and again prevent the countries of the region from living their own way, imposing its rules on them while completely flouting international law,” he said.  

Addressing Russian servicemen, Lavrov said the Russian people has only closed the ranks when faced with the actions of the West.

He noted that the Russian people, due to their "historical codes, roots, memory of ancestors," found themselves at the forefront of the confrontation that was set off by the West.

"What they did united us even more.  If there were sentiments in society when someone felt relaxed about certain trends around us, primarily in Ukraine, these sentiments have now completely disappeared or are lingering only among marginal groups," Lavrov said during the visit to the Russian military base’s headquarters in Dushanbe.