DUSHANBE, January 23, Asia-Plus -- Based on current data, the gross domestic product in Dushanbe for 2005 was 1.4796 billion Somonis, which is 27.7 percent more than in 2004 in comparable prices, Dushanbe Mayor, Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev remarked at a meeting in Dushanbe on January 21. 

Compared to 2004 an average monthly wage in Dushanbe increased by 38.6 percent and had amounted to 163.68 Somonis by the end of 2005. 

In the meantime, the mayor noted that last year, the expenditure part of the Dushanbe budget reached only 97 percent of the stipulated target, while the revenue part of the budget was over-fulfilled.  

Dwelling on the activity of the industrial sector in Dushanbe, the mayor noted that of 193 enterprises functioning in the Tajik capital, the output of 45 (23.9 percent) enterprises decreased and 16 (9 percent) other enterprises were functioning at loss. “As of January 1, 2006, a debt on paying wages in the industrial sector has amounted to 900,000 Somonis,” Ubaidulloyev said.

Speaking about other education sector, Ubaidulloyev noted that Dushanbe needs needed additional 62,000 pupil’s seats. 

The mayor noted that there were shortcomings in health and sports sectors as well.  

Ubaidulloyev noted that all consumers of natural gas in the city should be provided with gas meters before October 1 this year.  

The mayor also sharply criticized municipal services.  Ubaidulloyev noted that last year, 2044 cases of stray dog bite were registered in Dushanbe, which is 786 cases more compared to 2004.  More over, of those 2044 cases of dog bite, three cases were lethal.  

Ubaidulloyev reprimanded deputy mayors Tohir Mirzoyev and Fayzullo Isufov as well as a number of senior representatives from the mayor’s office.  

Deputy Prime Minister Khairnisso Mavlonova attended the meeting.