DUSHANBE , May 3, Asia-Plus -- Tajik parliamentarians have endorsed a bill “On Social Partnership and Collective Treaties.”

A regular sitting of the second session of the Majlisi Namoyandagon ( Tajikistan ’s lower chamber of parliament), presided over by its chairman, Saydullo Khairulloyev, was held on May 3.

Parliamentarians discussed a series of bills, including a draft law “On Social Partnership and Collective Treaties”, and ratified an agreement between Tajikistan and Ukraine on automotive passenger transportation and cargo shipments. 

The draft law on social partnership and collective treaties caused a lively discussion.  Deputy Labor and Social Security Minister, Mahmoud Qosimov, presenting the bill noted that it determined more precisely “notions corresponding to market economy.” 

Deputy of Majlisi Namoyandagon Zuurkan Davletaliyev telling the sitting pointed to the significance of equal social partnership between three sides – state, employer and employee.  Parliamentarian Mirzobek Khojiyev noted that the most important part of the bill was obligatoriness of concluding collective treaties.