DUSHANBE, August 9, Asia-Plus - Leadership of Tajik national radio has been reshuffled, according to information from the Committee for TV and Radio-broadcasting.   

The source says Abdurrashid Khujamqulov was relived of his post of director of Tajik national radio.  He was replaced by Abduqodir Talbakov, who had previously been anchorman of the entertainment program “Hamadon” at the First Channel of the Tajik TV.    

“Sadoi Dushanbe” radio station editor-in-chief Shohona Odinayeva was replaced by Surayo Shujoat, who had previously been anchorwoman of programs at this radio station.  Ms. Shohona Odinayeva was appointed editor-in-chief of literature and youth programs at the Tajik national radio.