DUSHANBE, October 6, Asia-Plus - Some 500 letters from Tajik citizens monthly come to President Rahmonov’s website, presidential press service reported.  

According to the source, people writing to the president mainly apply for help in receiving housing or a plot for constructing residential building, entering higher educational institutions, receiving financial allowances and medical aid, resolving family problems, etc. 

“There are also letters, in which their authors express their vision of how to tackle tackling topical problems facing Tajik society,” said the source, “Other letters contains congratulations, gratitude and wishes to the head of state.” 

As an example, the source termed a letter by a 102-year-old woman from the Zarafshon settlement in the northern district of Ayni Hikmatoy Rajabova.   

An official website of Emomali Rahmonov was launched on October 5 2006.  it was created by web-studio Kaftar at the company Babilon-T.