DUSHANBE, October 27, Asia-Plus  -- 13 percent of the total number apartments in a new residential complex, construction of which is funded by Iran, will be transferred to the Dushanbe mayor’s office, Dushanbe Mayor Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev announced at a groundbreaking ceremony for the complex on October 26. 

According to him, the apartments transferred to the jurisdiction of the mayor’s office will be made available to Dushanbe residents.  ”Those receiving the apartments will have to pay 20 percent of their costs at once and the remaining 80 percent within the next eight years,” the mayor said, noting that another two apartments will be used for offices: one for the head of local mahalla (community) and another for the divisional inspector of police.  In addition, another apartment will be donated to a newly married couple who celebrate their wedding at minimal expense, according to the mayor. 

Ubaidulloyev directed his staff to work out the conditions of such a wedding contest. 

Under the mayor’s resolution, companies building residential buildings in Circle 1 (the center of

Dushanbe) must transfer 15 percent of the total number of apartments to the mayor’s office; companies constructing residential buildings in Circle 2 transfer 13 percent and companies constructing residential buildings in Circle 3 transfer 10 percent.