DUSHANBE, November 20, Asia-Plus -- Tajik President Emomali Rahmonov has been inaugurated to his next seven-year term in a ceremony in Dushanbe.

            Emomali Rahmonov began a new seven-year term on November 17 with an elaborate inauguration ceremony.  The inauguration ceremony was held in the Kokhi Somon State Complex within the compound of Dacha in Dushanbe.  Zarif Aliyev, Chairman of Tajikistan’s Constitutional Court, bestowed on Rahmonov the Star of the President.  Members of Tajikistan’s government and parliament, as well as guests, totaling more than 1,000 people, attend the inauguration ceremony. 

Taking the oath of office with his hand on Tajikistan’s Constitution Emomali Rahmonov vowed to protect “the Constitution and laws of the country, guarantee observance of rights, freedoms, honor and dignity of citizens, protect territorial integrity, political economic and cultural independence of Tajikistan.”  

“In the next seven years, Tajikistan will continue a policy of “open doors,” President Rahmonov said in a televised address to the parliament after taking the oath of office. 

In his inaugural speech, Rahmonov pledged himself to protect peace, stability, and unity of the people.  "Peace and stability, as well as the unity of the people, are sacred for every member of society," Rahmonov stressed.   

            According to him, under its long-term strategy of foreign policy Tajikistan will continue expanding cooperation with Russia, China, the United States, the European Union to develop the country’s economy and introduce new technologies.  Rahmonov noted that a special significance will be attached to expansion of cooperation with Central Asia’s states.  “Tajikistan will also actively cooperate with Iran, Afghanistan, other Muslim countries and all the states across the Asian continent,” Rahmonov said, noting that Tajikistan will also expand its cooperation within the United Nations, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).  

Dwelling on the issues of further development of Tajikistan’s economy, the president stated that he will seek to improve the country''s deeply troubled economy, develop industries including mining, energy and transportation, and step up the fight against corruption in the country.  Rahmonov noted that Tajikistan had created a favorable investment environment and “further measures will be taken to improve legal foundation in this sphere and enhance the country’s monetary policy and baking system.”  

Rahmonov also vowed to do more to develop democracy and protect human rights and freedom of speech and the media in his new term.    

After his address, Emomali Rahmonov rode in an open-topped car to the Dusrti Square in Dushanbe, where 5,000 soldiers from the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the State Protection Committee swore an oath of loyalty to the president before a parade that ended with an artillery salute.

            Emomali Rahmonov, who has been in power since November 1992, won a third term with nearly 80 percent of the vote in the November 6 balloting.