In a report released at a news conference in Dushanbe, representatives of the Agency for State Financial Control and Combating Corruption under the President of Tajikistan noted on February 12 that health care was the most corrupt sector in the county last year.

According to them, more than 100 corruption-related cases were reportedly revealed in activities of structures and subdivisions of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection last year.  

In 2018, employees of the Ministry of Education and Science committed 96 corruption-related crimes, the anticorruption agency officers said.

Besides, 88 corruption-related crimes were committed by employees of the State Committee for land Management and Geodesy and 305 crimes were committed by employees of banking sector (state-run and private banks are taken into consideration).

Officials of local governments reportedly committed 232 corruption-related crimes last year.

62 cases of appointment by senior representatives of ministries and agencies of their immediate relatives to posts were reported last year, which contradicts to the country’s law on combating corruption, the anticorruption officers added.