President Emomali Rahmon has made a submission to the Majlsi Namoyandagon (Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament) proposing to elect Mahmadi Odinazoda, the head of one of departments of the Accounts Chamber, as chief auditor of the Accounts Chamber, an official source at the Accounts Chamber told Asia-Plus today morning. 

After parliamentarians approve his candidacy, Mahmadi Odinazoda will be sworn in as a chief auditor of the Accounts Chamber, the source said. 

Recall, Emomali Rahmon in December last year proposed the Parliament to replace thee chief auditors of the Accounts Chamber.

Muhammadali Samizoda, Nazarali Fayzalizoda and Akram Kuchakshozoda were relieved of their posts of chief auditors in connection with transfer to other jobs and Rustam Aliahmadiyon and Romish Davronshohiyon were elected as chief auditors at the Accounts Chamber.  One position of chief auditor has remained vacant.    

The Majlisi Namoyandagon passed the law on the establishment of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tajikistan on June 1, 2011.

This government institution reportedly controls revenue and expenditure parts of the national budget, off-budget funds and investments coming in the country’s economy from abroad.

The Accounts Chamber was reportedly established to tighten control of finances as well as conduct audit and assess the national budget.

The Accounts Chamber is accountable to the President and the Parliament.  The Majlisi Namoyandagon elects chief auditors of the Accounts Chamber upon the recommendation of the President; chief auditor may be elected to not more than two seven-year terms.