Construction of a new bypass road from the West Gate (Hisor Gate) in Dushanbe to the Chortout mahalla has begun.  

According to the Dushanbe Administration, the Government of India has awarded a $46.5 million grant for implementation of this project.   

A source at the Dushanbe Administration says this road is intended to reduce traffic load on roads of the Tajik capital.   

“After this 9.2-kilometer road is introduced into operation, vehicles moving from the Hisor Valley to the Khatlon province and back will bypass Dushanbe,” the source added.   

Meanwhile, the work on rehabilitation of Dushanbe roads in the Qariyai Bolo area (construction of flyover), from neighborhood 101 to the West Gate of Dushanbe and from Circus to Mohi Nav is under way.