Nine new hotels are expected to be built in Dushanbe in the coming two years.  All these four- and five-star hotels will be constructed by domestic private companies.

In all, the new hotels will accommodate more than 1,000 visitors, according to the Dushanbe Administration.

“Thus, Rushdi Osiyo Ltd is building “Diplomat” Hotel on Bokhtar Street, Elitstroyservis Ltd is constructing a five-star hotel on Ayni Avenue, and Sebiston 2018 Ltd is constructing Grand Roudaki Tower on Roudaki Avenue,” an official source at the Dushanbe Administration told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

Besides, several apartment buildings will be built within the next two years in Dushanbe from intersection of Druzhba Narodov Street and Ayni Avenue to Victory Park. 

Dushanbe mayor ordered all new buildings should have no less than twelve stories, the source added.  

More than 3,500 various facilities are expected to be commissioned in the Tajik capital by the 30th anniversary of Tajikistan’s Independence that will be celebrated on September 9, 2021.