The Majlisi Namoyandagon  (Tajikistan’s lower chamber of parliament) today endorsed a bill proposing amendments to the country’s Administrative Code.

Presenting the bill to lawmakers, Deputy Interior Minister, Ikrom Umarzoda, in particular, noted the amendments proposed by the government to the Administrative Code aimed at promoting further development of tourism industry in the country and creating favorable conditions for attraction of foreign investments. 

Besides, many families living in border areas have relatives on the other side of the border and the current legislation makes it difficult for them to visit each other, the deputy minister said. 

The current legislation provides for imposing fine on or expelling a foreign national or a stateless person from the country for violating rules of entry into a border zone as well as rules of stay and registration even if the rules are violated for the first time.    

The expelled person is barred from visiting Tajikistan during five years.

Meanwhile, the amendments provide for warning or fine if a foreign national or a stateless person violates these rules for the first time.   

Under the proposed amendments, a foreign national and a stateless person can be expelled only in case of repeated violation of these rules, Umarzoda noted.