Tajik President Emomali Rahmon has called on farmers and those producing material benefits to postpone Ramadan fasting until a more favorable time.  It is more important now to strengthen immunity. 

Congratulating Tajikistanis on the beginning of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan, Tajik leader noted that “the current situation in the world and the spread of the coronavirus pandemic encourage us to give priority to our health and prevent the spread of this disease in our society.”  

“Although this disease has not been registered in our country, however this does not mean that we should be careless and sit back,” Rahmon noted.  

According to him, today the whole world is very concerned over the coronavirus pandemic.  

“Large enterprises have suspended operations in the majority of the countries, and an acute financial and economic crisis threatens the countries of the world, including Tajikistan,” Rahmon said.  

“In these conditions, especially during the holy month of Ramadan, we must give greater importance to the rules of hygiene, keep our homes, working places and public places clean and make efforts to protect our health and health of our relatives and the whole society,” Tajik leader noted.  

“In addition to the dangerous coronavirus pandemic, the holy month of Ramadan this year also coincided with spring field work and early harvesting,” said Emomali Rahmon.  “Therefore, we must act in accordance with these conditions, and first of all, take care of our  health and the health of our family members.” 

According to him, many Islamic theologians claim that farmers, livestock breeders and hard workers, whose health are harmed by fasting and thirst, are allowed to abstain from fasting.  

“That is, persons, on whose activities peace in society depends, on in other words, those serving the people may postpone the Ramadan fasting until another time,” Tajik leader noted.

Tajik leader has called on farmers and those producing wealth to postpone Ramadan fasting until a more favorable time

“If we do not work today, every family will face great difficulties in the forthcoming autumn-winter period, there will be a shortage and high cost with detrimental consequences.  We must not lay our hopes on others.  Because all countries of the world today are preoccupied with solving their own problems,  and no one knows how long this situation will last and what problems lie ahead,” Tajik leader noted.