An Expert Advisory Board is expected to be set up at Tajikistan’s upper chamber (Majlisi Milli) of parliament.

“This issue is currently under consideration and known Tajik lawyer, political scientists, economists and public figures may become members of the Board on a voluntary basis,” a source within the Majlisi Milli told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

“Majlisi Milli Speaker Rustam Emomali considers that the Advisory Board could play a positive role in making the adopted laws more effective and improving their quality,” the source added.  

Majlisi Oli (the Supreme Assembly) is a bicameral parliament of Tajikistan. 

Majlisi Milli (the National Assembly) is the upper chamber of Tajikistan's parliament.  It has 33 members: 25 elected for a five-year term by deputies of local councils (majlis) and eight appointed by the president.  By right, former presidents are members for life.

 The Majlisi Milli shall function on a convocation basis.

Citizens who reached 30 years of age and have higher education shall be eligible to be elected to the Majlisi Milli.

The numbers of the members of the Majlisi Milli, the procedure for elections of them shall be determined by a constitutional law.