She asked Emomali Rahmon for help: the girl and her mother were left homeless after the death of her father.

Hosiyat, a 10th grade student at a Panjakent city school, stopped the motorcade of President Emomali Rahmon during his working trip to Sogd on September 12, and handed him her letter.

Usually, all meetings of citizens with the head of state during his trips to the regions are coordinated in advance, and in very rare cases someone can "break through" to the president just like that, the Central Asia News Service reports.

A young resident of Penjikent, Hosiyat Olishova, on the morning of September 12 saw a government motorcade moving along the main street of the city - Rudaki Avenue. Cars stopped at the five-story building "Sarazm Plaza", the girl approached the road and asked loudly: "What car is the president in?".

According to eyewitnesses, the bodyguards of the head of state wanted to stop her, but the president gave a sign for the girl to come. Hosiyat handed over the letter and after she was invited to the administration of the city of Penjikent.